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A police officer.

Variation of 'pig'.

Singular: strip of bacon, pig, oinker

Plural: bacon, pork, pigs, oinkers
Watch out! There's a strip of bacon up ahead with a radar gun and he'll write you a speeding ticket if you don't slow down.
by twtbc April 30, 2010

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The strip of pubic hair on a woman that is left after the rest of the pubic region is shaved.
That pussy was hot and smooth, only a strip-of-bacon left.
by winnie the pooch October 25, 2002
The stains of your dirty asshole in your underwear.
I havn't chnaged my underwear in a week and there is a dark strip of bacon down the middle.
by Metal December 15, 2003
zee pearfect bleend of shaven and not shaven pubic har on a woman's vaginal areeah, make me veiner much horny!
ah, what a cute and enticing strip of bacon it is, edible perhaps
by Professor Ver E. Orny July 09, 2003
what happens when you slice up a cop with your knife
man Keeshon got 5 years for makin that cop into a strip of bacon
by Justin Bird February 23, 2004
It's what you get when you combine Jennifer Lopez's arse with a potato peeler.
Mmmmm, mmmm - that's one fine strip-of-bacon.
by Andrew January 26, 2004
it is a landing strip, super dumbass.
by Anonymous December 19, 2002