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2 definitions by Flamez_Hedgehog

Nu Metal is suppossed to be the 'new metal' of the new age. Mixing lots of pop-culture into their music and image. Speaking of image, that's basically all they're based around, image. One band that sticks out in my mind is Slipknot. Probably one of the most popular nu metal bands, but as all nu metal bands do, they suck. They're not innovative in any way whatsoever. These bands can hardly play guitar, and most people proclaim the drumming is incredible, when really it isn't at all. Some people also proclaim that the 'new' Slipknot has wonderful and fast guitar solos, but no, they don't have even one. And their most complicated riffs aren't even complicated at all. Anyway, the genre is mostly loved by people who have a wonderful life but for some reason think their life is shit. So they go throughout their life acting depressed, but when someone asks why they're depressed they either say 'Well, because my life sucks.' or 'My parents are the worst.' But in reality they have good lives and their parents are the some of the best. Or they're just spoiled so much to hell and back that they don't know anything. You 'nu metal' bastards need to quit listening to your Slipknot and go listen to some Megadeth, or a real metal band that has talent. Such as Megadeth, as I said before, Opeth, And Oceans, At The Gates, Thyrfing, Rhapsody, Dimmu Borgir, or Children of Bodom. Don't just listen to the damn same shit all over again like all these new nu metal bands that the record companies keep shooting out their ass every month. All the bands sound exactly the same, like I said before, they're not innovative whatsoever.
Person 1: Hey I'm depressed, and my parents treat me like shit.
Person 2: Oh no, another life ruined by nu metal! Hurry little man, lets bring you to charter before it's too late!
Person 1: But I've been listening to Slipknot for over a year now.
Person 2: Sweet jesus!! *shoots him* That poor boy, he was so young, but yet so corrupted... CURSE YOU NU METAL!! *raises fist*
by Flamez_Hedgehog June 22, 2004
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Sliced thin, back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked.
Tom took the large pig and sliced him into a strip-of-bacon.
by Flamez_Hedgehog June 23, 2004
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