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a guy with a small dick.
no girth.
balls havent descended.
hung like a 6th grader.
someone who experiences erectile dysfunction.

a guy who has no game, can't get laid, doesn't know what a pussy even looks like, and is a disgrace to all things male.
Girl 1: You had sex with him?
Girl 2: .... yeah
Girl 1: So.. how was it
Girl 2: awful, he's a total stringfellow

Guy 1: Did you fuck her?
Guy 2: Nah
Guy 1: Why, cuz you dont want her to find out youre a stringfellow?
by utahiowaohio January 28, 2006
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1. verb: to extrapolate the truth through means not comprehendible.

2. noun: compulsive liar in denial of his douchebag existance.

3. adjective: something that exclaims douchebaggedness. (i.e. essence of being a douchebag.)

1a. Denied MLS contract worth in excess of 7 million per year to pursue pharmacy carrer (worth approx. 100K per year)

1b. person 1: "I made my girlfriend come 468 times last night"
person 2: "That was such a stringfellow"

1c. Doucherocket: "I used to work nights at, but the hours we're bad."
Person: "i think he's serious, I don't think he's stringfellowing"
Doucherocket: "but quit at the request of his mother"
office website: - free fat chick porn

1d. I once hit a soccer ball from Marion which hit a Sprint satellite in orbit then deflected back to London and hit a school bus full of children causing them to pulmmet to their demise in a fiery, explosive catastrophy.
by 2kool4skool February 10, 2007
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