What someone gets when they commit an act of gayness.

More then one strike may br given in times of great gayness.
Andrew:"I'm tanning my thighs with a guy right now."
Matt: Strike.

Kellen:"I'm too hot to be straight"
Cody: Strike.
by MattandKellen May 25, 2007
another pronounciation of "stripes"
He drives a red Blazer with white strikes.
by Jonni B. Gorf October 20, 2003
The act of saying something rude, stupid, or uncalled for. Thus getting a strike against you.
Daniel: Adrian you are such a queerfag.
Adrain: Wtf!!! Thats a mo' fucken strike!!
by Rob Schiendler April 28, 2007
To joke about a person, place, or thing in order to place it in a dazing mind state.
Dude, don't make me strike you.
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
The euquivalent of "never say/do that again", always accompanied with a snap.
"Mrs. Kalvaitis eats her own fetus!"

by kate February 08, 2004
to screw/fuck
I wanna strike her.
by yepperz June 07, 2003
Something all of us hard working, LEGAL Americans should go on until the government comes door to door checking citizenship and sending those of us who are just free-loading, selfish, non-english speaking, assholes back to where they came from.
The strike was started due to loose border security.
by Idear April 15, 2009

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