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to do cocaine threw a straw
wish i could get a strike tonight
by dickfitswell_n_u June 06, 2007
5 14
What someone gets when they commit an act of gayness.

More then one strike may br given in times of great gayness.
Andrew:"I'm tanning my thighs with a guy right now."
Matt: Strike.

Kellen:"I'm too hot to be straight"
Cody: Strike.
by MattandKellen May 25, 2007
33 42
The act of saying something rude, stupid, or uncalled for. Thus getting a strike against you.
Daniel: Adrian you are such a queerfag.
Adrain: Wtf!!! Thats a mo' fucken strike!!
by Rob Schiendler April 28, 2007
7 17
To joke about a person, place, or thing in order to place it in a dazing mind state.
Dude, don't make me strike you.
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
2 12
The euquivalent of "never say/do that again", always accompanied with a snap.
"Mrs. Kalvaitis eats her own fetus!"

by kate February 08, 2004
6 16
Something all of us hard working, LEGAL Americans should go on until the government comes door to door checking citizenship and sending those of us who are just free-loading, selfish, non-english speaking, assholes back to where they came from.
The strike was started due to loose border security.
by Idear April 15, 2009
5 16
to screw/fuck
I wanna strike her.
by yepperz June 07, 2003
17 30