a word given from one friend to another friend when that friend has made an attempt at being funny or has said something that makes them look stupid
Lance: bra im so lifted rite now im like in outter space

J.Smith: Strike

by Quintal February 12, 2008
1. To delete something in a document/train of thought.

2. The physical act of taking something down--usually via a quick and dirty method.

3. A organized walk-out, usually union sanctioned, with the goal of gaining better working conditions.
1. No, strike that. That's not what I meant.

2. Allright, let's strike this bitch so we can all go get drunk.

3. Passerby: What's with the signs?

Workers: We're on strike till we get paid a decent wage!
by We'll sleep when we're dead. December 27, 2005
A long distance usually longer than 2 hours travel.
for even longer distances and uberstrike is the correct term.
Tony: Hey lets go to the mall

Lurch: Dude I just walked a strike from greenhaven to downtown on the levee. I ain't doing shit.
by Lurchtj February 12, 2008
to walk a long distance
i have a flat so i have to strike up to the store
by --CoRy--- May 30, 2006
When a man takes back the girl that cheated on him. A pussy, whipped.
Yoooo that nigga seriously took back that ugly bitch again.. Whut a fuckin strike!
by siudys April 18, 2009
Aussie expression when being astounded at something.
Short for “Strike me lucky”
“Strike mate, that’s a bloody big snake!!”
by Robby101 October 26, 2006
to do cocaine threw a straw
wish i could get a strike tonight
by dickfitswell_n_u June 06, 2007

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