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A phrase used to indicate that a woman is heterosexual.
I don't want a woman licking my lala, I'm strictly dickly!
by Cynthia O November 09, 2003
We some tries to call you out and say that you're gay but in reality you attracted to dick.
"Look! She's a lesbian.''

"Sorry Im Strictly dickly"
by That-A-Girl March 15, 2016
guys only;something that requires you to have a penis to be a part of.
girl-"hey baby can i get in on the poker game?"
guy-"sorry babe, strictly dickly'

parent to kids at a party-"okay, girls sleep in the basement, guys in the garage"
guy1-"alright, on to the strictly dickly room"
guy2-"man i HATE strictly dickly"
by Heebs November 12, 2007
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