when you are doing a girl, you pick her up by her boobs and then swing her around
I started giving my bitch a stretch armstrong and she threw up all over me.
by Tom April 06, 2003
Top Definition
A guy who has a penis that is smaller than average while flaccid, but larger than average while erect.
I thought he had a tiny cock until he got hard. When I saw how big it was then, I realized he was a stretch armstrong.
by Shaun K October 01, 2007
A person who occupies other's personal space in a rude way.

This is a direct association with the word "stretch" (reaching space not normally reachable) and an advert i saw in a brazilian comics magazine of a rubber toy called "Stretch Armstrong". Had the ability to stretch his limbs.
That stretch armstrong just took my place in the queue!
by Joana Dionisio February 26, 2008
the gay toy with a plastic head and a rubber suit thats filled w/ some fukin nasty gooey stuff, and when u try to stretch it too far, it explodes and hardens over all of ur things.
I was playing with my stretch armstrong when it pop and got its goop shit in my eye, causing temporary blindness and extreme pain
by Abrash March 16, 2006
Remember how Stretch Armstrong worked? Getting a Stretch Armstrong is when your lame ass gets totally crucified by your sister in Fantasy Football so bad that it feels like she pulled your arms out of the socket until the icky goo inside you oozed out.
Wow! Adam's sister really gave him a Stretch Armstrong this week...117 to 49! What a pickle smoocher!
by Amherst CFB's September 11, 2006
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