A sexual act in which one partner will take the woman from the behind, leave the room after switching with a friend. The first man will leave the room and find a near by window where he will wave at his bewillered ho.
Steve tried the stranger with his girlfriend, and his friend John.
by Marvalous Matthew June 26, 2005
To sit on ones hand until it gets numb and masterbath giving one the feeling of someone else touching them
Sometimes when ppl get lonely the give themselves a stranger.
by RICK JAMES January 18, 2005
Somewhat oblivious dude who needs a wake-up call, at least where some things are concerned
Don't be a stranger, Shaggy.
by Greyhound June 07, 2003
the best person in the whole world
stranger is the best
by strang3r March 11, 2005
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