being honest, telling the truth
When he told me about what he had done, I was surprised! I asked him "Straight up?" and he said "Yeah, honest!"
by Pro-Love Girl May 02, 2010
Not hiding anything or not hiding much. Telling the truth. Being honest. Keepin' it real
He was straight-up when he said he doesn't like the way his boss treats him.
by youknow247son May 21, 2008
1. without stipulations or additions; outright.

2. indicating real talk; honesty.

3. a method of preparing a drink by straining the ice out after shaking or stirring it.
1. "I bought that cell phone straight up, without a plan."

2. "That game of laser tag was straight up GANGSTA!"

3. "Appletini, straight up."
by johngodler69 October 20, 2011
like the straight arrow, flying forward towards its target, straight up gets straight to the point. No bullshit, I am telling you exactly what I mean.
We should go to a movie straight up.
Dude straight up, lets do this.
by Andrew Shea August 23, 2004
something that is cool or good.
you got some pussy yesterday, thats straight up
by jon galasso August 18, 2003
A variation of Straight Up Nigger. A black person who is living with at least 2 other generations in a government rent payed project. They sell their steaks they get from food stamps to buy drugs, booze and pay for the mercedes/escalade/jag in their driveway. Easily spotted by their pants being below their buttocks, foul broken english & 5th grade education.
Check it out, a Straight Up with gold chains and BMW in front of his HUD home.
by thetechnocrat June 30, 2010
1)To represent, in a stereotypical fashion, a memeber of the young, lower middle class black society. Can be used to reference a person of non-balck heritage. Instead of saying something such as "he's a straight up nigga", the phrase would be reduced to a shorter (and more agreeable) "he's straight up"

2) a word use to describe something/ someone that is exciting or worth while
1) "did you see that guy with the ghetto blaster? that guys straight up."

2)- "man, chris. youre totally chugged that fifth of jack."

"that because im straight up"

-"hey did you go to marks party last week? i heard it was off the chain"
"hell yeah man....that shit was straight up"
by ChristopherO October 20, 2006

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