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1)To represent, in a stereotypical fashion, a memeber of the young, lower middle class black society. Can be used to reference a person of non-balck heritage. Instead of saying something such as "he's a straight up nigga", the phrase would be reduced to a shorter (and more agreeable) "he's straight up"

2) a word use to describe something/ someone that is exciting or worth while
1) "did you see that guy with the ghetto blaster? that guys straight up."

2)- "man, chris. youre badass....you totally chugged that fifth of jack."

"that because im straight up"

-"hey did you go to marks party last week? i heard it was off the chain"
"hell yeah man....that shit was straight up"
by ChristopherO October 20, 2006
-adjective used to describe a noun
- to be awesome, or in some other way, great or appealing.
*NOTE: "the" is NEVER used in conjunction with the adjective "tits".
- that party was tits
- i wanna get a new pair of jordans. they are tits.
by ChristopherO October 20, 2006

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