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(adj.) A movie that was such a turkey it skipped cinema and went straight to dvd in some countries.
Swept away went straight to dvd in most countries after it bombed in the us.
by Kung-fu Jesus August 15, 2004
A comment usually said in response to an unsatisfactory insult or comedic attempt. Derived from Disney Channel sequels that, instead of being released into movie theaters, are sent "straight to DVD".

NOTE: if an insulter attempts to redeem himself, only to produce another bad comment, then user is allowed use the follow-up comment "locked in the disney fault" if necessary. ( in reference to remastered Disney movies on sale for short periods of time )
Guy 1: i'm in the KKK..the kool kidz klub..
Guy 2: straight to dvd....
Guy 2: dude, locked up in the disney vault.
by jake de la shake May 16, 2009
A fecal expulsion that is over and done with quickly. Could have originally expected to have taken more time at the box offices.
Person A: Dude, back so soon?
Person B: Yeah, surprisingly it flopped and went straight to DVD.
by Pamety November 26, 2008
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