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A straight curious guy usually is cool with masturbating with another guy. This includes watching and/or lending a hand. He still likes women but wants to bond with a guy without having sex and being construed as bisexual or gay.
My buddy and I both like to jack off while we're watching porn.
by Rod September 16, 2004
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As Bi-curious is for straight people also somewhat interested in the same gender,
Straight-curious is being gay and having a slight interest in the opposite sex.
I'm not totally gay, I'm straight-curious!
by Tha Bo$$, The Legend February 21, 2015
a man coming to terms with his sexual orientation but rejects the notion of anything gay serious. Often its a male failing to acknowledge that he's gay curious in his hetero-normative bubble.
Hey man, Im straight curious about going down on your dick but we can't let the girlfriend know this.
by Cardholer91 February 22, 2015

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