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Thicker than a soup, thinner than a stew.

A Rachael Ray portmanteau.
"Rachael Ray's Hungarian sausage and lentil stoup Recipe".
#portmanteau #racahel ray #word combinations #soup #stew
by slw May 11, 2007
A simmered or slow cooked dish containing just enough floor or corn starch to be neither stew nor soup. Cooks can later save face by claiming to have found "the perfect balance".
"An interesting soup" said Fred. "Ahem, more of a stew really" hinted Ricci. We all knew the horror, Lucy had made stoup again.
#soup #stew #flub #disaster #take-out
by digmixer October 24, 2010
Someone who is stupid. Also someone who just did something stupid.
Stephen was a major stoup for trying to hook up with that dyke.
#synonyms: idiot #retard #dumbo ---- antonyms: genius #cool dude #justin ------ common misspellings: stoop
by iinventedthisword March 15, 2009
One who is a degraing idiot idiot in class; oblivious to trend
"Matt is such a stoup, he doesn't like Marilyn Manson."
by Rolodex Polk August 26, 2003
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