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Large mammal, similar to a gopher ,often referred to as the 'chubby rat'. Feeds on moles, especially the naked mole rat.
Steve!! Watch out for that stopher!!
by Author Man 1 February 01, 2007
A great knight of the old ages. He is involved in the Folsomic-Charmichealian legends. He is the main protagonist involved in the old book.

Chapter 1-3.
Sir Stopher has met with Sir Samy and is off to slay the evil Dragon, Benithian Johnsonius. After battling with Benithian Johnsonius, the dragon requests that he travel with Sir Stopher and Sir Samy. They agree to do so.

Chapter 4-5.
The band meet with another merry band, whose group includes: Former Bishop of Charmicheal, Danielorius; A super chicken infused with magical powers, Davidorn. They battle and Sir Stophers band prevails, ultimately killing Danielorius and Davidorn. Benithian, the dragon, was slain though and Sir Samy was burned to death by Davidorns powers.

Chapter 6.
Sir Stopher is on a request by the king, Lord Adamus, to save his wife. Sir Stopher saves his wife and mates with her.

The End
Sir Stopher is my hero.
by aznsmaderice November 15, 2009
A shorter and more unique name for Christopher. Other nicknames can include Chris, Chrissy, Topher, Tofu, Gofer, etc.
"Hey its Stopher!"
"Isn't his name Chris?"
"Yeah but I call him Stopher cuz I know 12 other Chris'"
by Chrisssssssy August 09, 2008
It is the art of a male bukkaka, when a group of males ejaculate on a male. also known as; Reinhold, Holy Shower, White Rain and Cream Cover.
man 1 "Chris got a stopher last night."
man 2 "wow, his first reinhold hmm?"
man 1 "yah it was pretty kool."
by Koin Elford October 02, 2006

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