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n; A really stupid person, used for emphasis; Stephen D.
Stephen is a stoop stoops
by blaablaaablaaaa November 08, 2010
Taken from Stupid. a complete idiot. Written and said twice to emphasize what a complete moron someone is!
Hey stoop stoop, 2 plus 2 does not equal 7! My friend Erick is a total stoop stoop!
by Brian Wick March 08, 2006
(noun) used to describe someone who is acting out of stupidity. not neccesarily a stupid person but somone who does and says stupid things
Kara trips and falls on her face and M'Kayla and Sarena run by and say, "Ahahahahaahahaha Kara! You're such a stoop stoop!"
by callmecrazycauseimoncrack November 23, 2010