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To assign or take responsibility for something knowing it will either be not done or totally fucked up.
Dude, you were supposed to pick us up at SFO not the Oakland Airport. What happened?
I know, I take complete stonership for that.

OK, which of us will take stonership for driving tonight?
by DontAskMeIJustGotHereMyself April 24, 2010
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a stonership is a special friendship that two people have together that get along like a house on fire whilst stoned. You two want get stoned together at the same time and want to do exactly the same thing together whilst stoned. You both want to mong out together when you're in the 'mong' frame of stoned, you both want to go on totally awsome adventures together when in the 'i love you' frame of stoned, you both want to dance and run and sing and LALALA whilst in the 'high-per' frame of stoned, and so on. This stonership will last a life time.
"i love you man, this is the best stonership i ever had, dont leave me man"

"dude, if we cant get past, can we get.. future" - "omg man"

by HanLamb February 07, 2013
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