Someone who thinks absolutely any problem, no matter how severe can be solved with THC.
Stoner John: I have multiple skull fractures, I need to see a doctor.
Mr Mush: Relax and hit this bong, you'll be fine. The best cure for a concussion is a little mushin'.
by Mr Mush July 10, 2008
Having the title of a stoner can only truly be recieved by someone who has made blazing a part of their life. A stoner has one true love which is herb and will blaze all day everyday with his crew or whoever else wants to join. Someone who is carefree and just goes with it. Most true stoners have an outlook on life which is enlightened and can see how others are obessed worthless things like money,clothes,cars,etc.
Kid-"Should we go to the football game this weekend or go to the mall?"

by Jon44442220000 October 25, 2008
painful erection that last for 30+ minutes and is usually caused by an overdose from viagra
that guy in scary movie 4 had a horrible stoner
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck February 19, 2010
Someone who smokes alot. Usually a very nice, peaceful person who is harmless. Looked down on society as nothing. They are some of the coolest, chilled out people that you will get the privileged of meeting. Usually are liked by all the groups in school, and has no enemies.
Nerd: Look at Jason, what a stoner.
Athelete: Yea, but he is cool to talk to.
Nerd: true.
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
A stoner is someone who frequently smokes marijuana. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; many people interpret the name to be derogatory when it is merely a name used to label a certain demographic. Contrary to popular belief, stoners aren't stupid - they vary in intelligence and should not be judged.
Paul is an intelligent and popular kid. He takes many rigorous courses in school and maintains good grades. Of his many interests, weed is one of his favorites . He smokes every day, but is not obvious about it. Yes. Paul is a stoner however, nobody judges him.

by pork_ch0p January 21, 2009
An articulate, intelligent individual who thrives to achieve a certain perspective in life by par-taking in the smoking of cannabis. Do not confuse with "Pothead." For a stoner to be called one is a downright insult. Stoners will often smoke before conducting most activities.
Liz: What grade did you get?
John: Hahah. I actually got a B+
Liz: WTF, a B+?? But your a pothead!
John: Hey, just because I smoke bud doesn't mean I'm a pothead. Get it straight bitch, I'm a stoner!
by Bud.Guy November 09, 2007
Slang/Street term used to define someone who enjoys smoking marijuana on a daily basis. The common stoner, contrary to popular belief of excessive laziness, trouble making, or having a negative impact on society. In reality the common stoner is none of the above, they are often friendly, laid back, and understanding.
traveler - hey can you tell me how to get to East 12th Street from here?
stoner - yeah man no problem, now all you gotta do is take a left at Knoxville, go straight about a mile then you will hit a stop light and if you went over railroad tracks you went too far man. Now when your at the stoplight take a right then the first left and your on east 12th street dude.
travelers wife - wow that man was really friendly.
traveler - yeah, i think thats what the kids today call a stoner.
by Josh & James October 30, 2007

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