a group of people who enjoy doing drugs together. most are addicted to drugs. they have other friends but usually resign to the group of stoners
''do u know any good dealers?'' ''erm no man, ask one of the stoners''
by lauren luvs the j July 16, 2006
One who excessivly smokes weed,ganja or pot often refferd to as a pothead.
2)One who smokes pot alone in there room and listens to Phish all day.
3)One who never takes showers and listens to Phish all day.
4)One who has enough reverse tolerance to take one hit of marijuana
Dave: Trey what are you doing! You fucked up that whole song you dumb stoner.
Trey: Yes, Im an old burn out who smoked him self retarted.
by Dave Matthews December 21, 2003
An amature. Someone who only smokes every once in awhile, or a one-hitter quitter. stoners think they're the shit but they have waaaaay more experience to go before they become a true pothead. being a stoner is nothing to be proud of, in fact i'd take it as an insult. stop bragging about being a "stoner" because it only makes you look like a retard.

.potheads for life.
"justin think he's hella badass but he's just a little bitch-stoner. he can't even hang yet..fucking one-hitter-quitter, b."
by [tWeAk] May 19, 2006
A group or a just a kid with good intentions but turn to drugs or getting extremly drunk because they think they have nothing else to turn to. Most stoners are just misunderstood.
~~~~~~~~~~~~No Example Displayed For Stoners~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
by Lori~ August 31, 2006
Labeling a person for using the "drug", cannabis. Sometimes used to refer to a person who uses drugs. Usually the person is very stupid, and isn't the brightest crayon in the box.
"Dude, look at that stoner, he just walked into that wall, and spilled his bag of Doritos eveywhere"
by BambisFather September 16, 2003
Basically a piece of shit who tries to pretend that everyone else is arrogant so they feel better about themselves. You can find working them at your local fast food restaurant, or sleeping in trashbags around back of it. They like to sleep outside the buildings that the valuable people to society work in. The worst stoners are the rich, privelidged kids who just smoke becuase they like the think they are "rebels" and "badass". They usually try to be new-age hippies who hate everything becuase they think that makes them look cool, and are not the "happy, peaceful" people they say they are. They're actually dirty, smelly, 99% of the time ugly, and take up hard earned money to pay for their welfare. They ruin the lives of the children they fail to parent, and in fact most stoners are the results of bad parenting. If you want the real definition of a stoner, see salt brah
Most of the stoners reading this will probably get angry, so they'll go smoke some more to deal with their problems. Then they'll come back and say that other people suck who are more successful than them and didn't smoke their lives away.
by A successful man November 20, 2005
1.Mental retard that smokes pot or wutever and wastes their life by getting high all the time. They think rock music is awesome for some reason also.

2.Kids at my school that think theyre cool by getting in trouble a lot, smoking pot, and listen to rock. They also write poser stuff on desks.
1.Stoonnneers liiiike rullle maaaan... wanna listen to like... acdc or sumthin....???

cool kid 1:did u see that wrting on the desk made by some retarded poser stoner? it said "sex drugs and rock and roll, speed weed and birth control. To all you preps who think you're cool, suck my dick bitch stoners rule"

cool kid 2:yeah it was really queer
by Dylans cool May 04, 2005

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