A life philosophy based on grass, moved by heavy metal and practiced by peaceful human beings.
Ese chabón es re Stoner.
by Stoner Brunch Master July 12, 2005
A person who uses the herb cannabis sativa as an intoxicant
The stoner gathered his favorite bong, some bud and his mp3 player and proceeded to toke away the painful realities of his dismal life.
by Cyberbach September 18, 2003
One who does cannibisfamily drugs (such as marijuana and hashish)habitually, and exibits a constant behavior of being high.
Bug's friends found out he was a stoner after he was arrested for drug use.
by suzy que February 28, 2005
One whose hobby is to throw stones.
The stoner killed two birds with one stone.
by Rickchick April 24, 2004
Same thing as a pothead; A person who smokes marijauna
The people hanging out in the park smoking weed are stoners
by Vostok August 13, 2005
someone who clearly sports gear he purchased at www.cafepress.com/theleaf
Look at that Rasta Flag hoodie on that stoner.
by redtracksuit November 17, 2004
Stoners are funny folk we have know worrys about life. what goes around comes around. After 1-4 we love to listen to music chill out with mates talk comeplete "bollocks" drink out our dry mouth and munch away our MUCHIES! Stay in complete relaxation and wake up 4 hours later ready to have enougher 4-6 then anuffer 6-8 then the ball starts rollng and you carnt stop......................But dont worry about it. Lifes to short!
Stoner 1. this is soo coool
Stoner 2. wooow
Stoner 3. Sum one skin up
Stoner 4. whos that over there i reackon i know him !
Stoner 1, hehehehe!!!!!
Stoner 2 does any one have a drink
by Stonerkid July 25, 2007

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