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People, who have very little values, character traits, or self-respect. They are generally less able to make a success of themselves, since they spend most of their time and resources either purchasing a substance, sitting on a couch high for a temporary amount of time, or actually bragging about being high. When they get older and mature, they realize how much time and money they've wasted in order to have unhealthy lungs, bad memory, a criminal record, difficulty getting a job, and lack of muscle tone due to physical inactivity. On the other hand, people who become involved in weightlifting, sports, and other productive activities are known to have healthier minds and bodies, leading to self-confidence, self-discipline, women, and six figure salaries. Drug users tend to live in Ghettos or trailers, using their welfare money that comes from ambitious people's tax money to pay for marijuana, alcohol, ramen noodles, attire from Walmart, satellite TV, and the newest rap album which coincidentally has lyrics promoting their pathetic lifestyle. Why do you think drug use and crime is a problem in the urban, low class areas opposed to wealthy, suburban areas?
Jim sits around and smokes pot all day, being a typical Stoner, while Joe is working out, wrestling, playing golf and working hard for good grades. Joe ends up becoming a man, driving a Mercedes-Benz, marrying a woman who isn't a fat piece of trash and having a longer life. Jim ends up living in an apartment complex, and becomes dependent on government food stamps for the rest of his life. Hes basically a woman.
by B from NC May 26, 2008
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Slang for somebody who smokes cannabis, often. Most people would talk them down as if they are better, though they often consume poisons such as alcohol and caffeine. Stoners are generally a friendly minority, peaceful, and harmless. The arrogant people bitching about them smoking marijuana, they are usually bigger problems then the people they denounce.
Darn, those stoners are lucky they got high before seeing Lord Of The Rings.
by A.E. December 29, 2003
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Someone who smokes a lot of weed. You can't really classify a stoner by how much weed they smoke, but rather their mindset about smoking. A stoner would much rather spend a Friday night getting high rather than goin out. They also smoke weed every availible opportunity.
I am a stoner.
by 9 May 19, 2004
4619 1208
Someone who enjoys somking ganja on a regular basis. Stoners aren't scummy people. Anyone who looks down on stoner needs to go to hell. They're peaceful and have more of an appreciation for music and relaxing than most of the population. They also tend to be broke...a lot...
He's a Stona' ked, Yeah Ked...
by Rifffffff May 13, 2004
4662 1492
someone who smokes marijuana, but doesnt go around and tell everybody and is all like look at me im cool. they dont talk about it, and they dont push it on other people. if you dont want to do it, thats cool. if you do, come over to my place tonite.
look at that guy, hes such a stoner!
by sam October 14, 2004
3546 922
a verry peaceful person who smokes weed often. and is often talked down on by retarded ass people who drink,smoke fags,pop diet pills and cheat their lives away by thinking that their athletic skills and good looks are actually going to mean a goddamn after they find out that life actually gets hard and that their parents money wont buy them happiness
wow....that stoner actually has a good job,makes more money than i do and doesnt really have to work hard...other than me who thought that my football skills would get me a job and im stuck working the drive through at taco bell at 28
by a stoner March 15, 2004
2817 949
A stoner is someone who likes the smoke from the sacred herb.
Stoners of the world unite.
by DeRez September 09, 2004
2107 582
a person who enjoys the high that marijuana, canabis, or hash. Stoners are normally happyer, less violent people who have a better appreciation for life. Some people seem to blame them for the down fall of society, ironically those are the people causeing the down fall because of beliefs that money is more important then joy or life.
marijuana causes a happy fealing meaning stoners are happy and not violent people. Some one need to get george bush stoned.
by n333m August 30, 2004
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