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aka Sacred Order of the Stonecutters

The Stonecutters World Council included George HW Bush, Orville Redenbacher, and Mr. T.

Also, Homer Simpson is the chosen one, the leader of the Guild.

(basically, a pararody of the Stone Masons)

"who holds the electrict car"
"we do, we do"
- Verse of the stone cutters anthem
by Moody// June 30, 2006
A secret organisation based in Scotch College, Melbourne. It is rumoured to be run by some year 12 prefects and their aim is to cut stone along with other miscellaneous stuff.

some say they don't exist however more anonymous sources say their club is located underground memorial hall or in one of the houses along Morrison street.
their arch rivals are the bb (bud bros) of scotch college and melbourne grammar school.
Person 1 - "Who are the stonecutters?"
Person 2 (presumably a stonecutter) - "What stonecutters?"
by personpersonperson September 05, 2012
1. A famous gaming clan, also known as SC.

2. A special club that Homer Simpson belonged to briefly.
SC17-SiC whooped my ass earlier to day.

The Stonecutters have lots of keggers.
by Smith, John December 02, 2003
A brisk sented quaffe delivered from the beaver
That is a mighty fine stone cutter you just let loose honey
by sues brother February 22, 2004
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