Shock, surprise, Awe
Stone the crows where did you come from. Or Stone the crows the plane crashed
by Byron February 07, 2004
Top Definition
finally found the damn definition:
it is an expression referring to an outlandish event (per perspective).
Acceptable uses:
"I can't believe that ol Rock bought a new Cadillac - might as well stone the crow."

"Ol Rock said 'fuck off' to his boss and up and quit... can't say I'd ever stone that crow."

"A bout of deep depression.
Can't seem to move it forward.
My lying eyes lie awake.
Not sure what I am after.
I never died before.
Can't help what happened yesterday.
I never stoned the crow, no.
Flip through endless stories.
A life of hand-written pain.
No one can share this hurt that is mine, mine, mine.
I never died before.
Can't be what happened yesterday.
I shouldn't stone the crow, no.
Ride on!
Same old city, same old tale.
No matter how I try,
No matter what I say,
I'm blamed, I'm shamed,
I'm judged unfairly.
So now I've died before.
It feels as bad as yesterday.
I never stoned the crow, no.
You too have died before.
I fought as hard as yesterday
I never stoned the crow, stoned the crow, no, no.
-Down, "Stone the Crow", from NOLA"
by hargalaten March 17, 2004
An old English expression, even perhaps dating back to anglo-saxon times. Used commonly in situations where an inconvience has occurred to one's self or others. Also an be used as a expletive when harm has fallen upon you. Bloody can be inserted into the phrase to further emphasise the inconvience/annoyance/pain.
"stone the crows, I've just run over the pope"

"stone the bloody crows, the pope's dead"
by Nathaniel Jones November 07, 2003
Stone the crow(s): an exclamation of surprise and/or annoyance, similar to "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!" or "If that don't take the cake!" British. Famously said by Jim Broadbent upon winning Best Supporting Actor at the 74th Academy Awards. See OED under "stone" and "crow" for more. Also, .
‘Stone the crows!’ stormed Stanley.

Stone the crows, what's up, mate? Has Australia got the blues?

Cor stone the crows, he thought, this could go on till Christmas.
by Artekka December 23, 2010
the crow shows up to eat the dead. to stone the crow is to refuse to die
my wife left me and took the kids, i was fired from my job of sixteen years, and my rent is 2 months behind but I wont stone the crow
by Pierre Eversham May 14, 2016
Expression used by an old Gypsie Hag in a dream as you are driven in a car past an old dilapidated building. Later in your early teens you lie in bed fully awake and a voice in your head says "Stone The Crows".


(you wonder what that was)
by BorisMcHack October 28, 2004
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