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When a group of guys sit around a table with a tablecloth so they can't see underneath. Some skank proceeds to blow one of the guys and the guys all have to guess who is getting blown by the look on their face.
"dude after we played poker we got this skank to play stone face and it was awesome
by William B July 09, 2006
a game in which a group of males, sitting around a table, get oral sex from one female under the table... the object of the game is to show no emotion.
Dennis is the reigning stoneface champion of milton.
by DoubleD February 28, 2005
Stoneface is a game played with one female, a group of males, and a table. The female positions herself under the table. The males sit around the same table. The female then performs oral sex on one of the males. The object of the game is for the males to guess who is receiving oral sex.
When Danielle played stoneface with the boys, Ted couldn't keep a straight face and gave himself away.
by Stonefaced September 21, 2009
A facial expression that is used in conjunction with complete silence to express discontent or disappointment with a person or a statement made. Often a pointing motion directed toward the face with the index finger is used.
I tried to tell Michael my new joke, but he gave me a Stone Face!
by Dough Snatcher February 24, 2009
A game played in Russia in a nightclub amongst men. They are sat round a table looking at each other whilst a whore is under the table giving one of them a BJ. They have to guess which of them is being worked by the whore by the look on their faces.
Yuroi: Ok I booked the whore, lets play stone faces. Winner gets the vodkas in.
Vladmir: Well its not me
Sasha: Nope not me
Yuri: Smirk

Vladmir+Sasha: Its you, your stone face is shit!

Whore: That will be 10000 rubles.
by chindelly April 08, 2010
A chick with a hot body but an ugly face.
Man that chick looked good until she turned around. She was a total stone face. A true double bagger.
by G_macon August 08, 2007
When a man lathers his dick with chunky peanut butter in the hope that a dog will lick it off
Mark started to stoneface when no one was looking.
by Herr Mark February 19, 2010
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