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v. The unintentional infliction of harm or injury with disregard or indifference to the victim(s), by a mass of people with booted feet.

n. The action or sound of stompling. Can also be a circular group dance involving a rhythmical, heavy step.
Bob fell down while in the pit at the Pantera show and was stompled for quite a while before anyone helped him out of there.
by Mack Caddy August 11, 2005
v. To trample with malicious intent.
I went bullriding, fell off and he stompled the shit out of me.
by Darkfront July 31, 2010
Stomple is a slang term for a stomach stapling operation, which is a restrictive operation for weight control.
Oh man, Tara really needs a Stomple before the buttons on her shirt start bursting.
by B-Dot. October 19, 2008
To half stumble, half stomp, as if feeling the emotion of angriness while sleepwalking.
1. Fred watched an angry elephant stomple the flowers as he clumsily ran to safety.
2. Mae stompled after her sister, who had just put her hand in warm water.
by Maralyse Hackinetti October 26, 2006

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