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A combination of stomped and trampled.

Usually the stomping will happen first, and then be followed up by a trample.

used for a particularly bad stomping or trampling involving human or mammalian feet, often in a shocked and excited manner .
Human: As I watched a group of five guys kicking the shit out of someone, my friend remarked to me: Damm, that dude was strait stompled!

Mammalian: Visual Example: Picture this:

When a Bull gore's a matador and then proceeded to stomp all over him. The Bull is so happy at his victory, the bull will look high in the air in ecstasy. Puffing and snorting, half slobbering at the time, the bull kicks one then the other of his powerful legs as he gets down to the business of his only job.

It's like a cat in the litter box, except that the cat is ten pounds and is kicking around sand. The Half-ton bull on the other hand, is trying to make the matador sand. Brutally kicking the helpless body with powerfull strikes as fast as he can.

That bull just stompled the matador!
by Hawaii FO January 27, 2011
When you mean to say either stomped or trampled, but instead mix the two words together.
"...and I wasn't in charge at the meeting, but I stompled the managers and just kept talking like I was!"
by cyjordan February 18, 2012
1:when somone is stompled they are trampled aswell as being stamped on.therefore a large group of people intentionly run over a person while stamping there feet.
We stompled him.
i was stompled,they stompled him goood.
by Dani.m September 03, 2006

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