slangterm or inside term for cigerettes. usually commonly by san diego mira mesa highschool students, more specifically, GTC.
kevin: Aye Ronald do u have a stoge?
ronald: nah, lets ask richmond to buy us stogies, he's 18
by kimbomynizzo October 24, 2005
Top Definition
A cigar
Man i bought a phat cuban stogie
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Definetely means cigar. If you refer to a cigarette as a stogie you might get slapped.

More specifically, it can refer to a cheap cigar. However, it has come to mean, plainly, CIGAR.
"HE SMOKED MY STOGIE??? (in Austrian accent)"

- Arnold S. in "6th Day"

by fatchef45 July 21, 2006
A type of cigar, with both ends cut, are cheaper to machine manufacture and so Stogies are often CHEAP. Also called a "Cheroot" from French: Cheroute taken from Tamil: curuttu/churuttu/shuruttu.

does NOT mean cigarette for all you idiots out there.

Mark Twain wouldn't smoke anything but. If it cost more than 5 cents a piece it must be foreign and not worth it.
Starbuck: A stogie would be nice.

Adama: I had feeling. It's my last one, so enjoy.

by Deingeist February 22, 2009
Someone who in any given scenario, takes more than they contribute/give
"My man is always asking for more blow j's yet he is never prepared to eat my sideways fish kebab. He's such a Stogie!"
by 4CG January 16, 2012
Stogie (or Stogy) can be used to refer to piglets.
aw look at the stogie! he's so cute.
by Marc289 February 29, 2008
An expensive cigar, usually a premium cigar made by companies who originate in Cuba who now have factories in or outside of Cuba. Reminiscent of those old bookies who would have a cigar in their mouth pushing smoke out of their mouths in the face of their gambling addicted customers.
That phat ass stogie is like some cheech and chong blunt.
by classicspree December 19, 2006
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