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slangterm or inside term for cigerettes. usually commonly by san diego mira mesa highschool students, more specifically, GTC.
kevin: Aye Ronald do u have a stoge?
ronald: nah, lets ask richmond to buy us stogies, he's 18
by kimbomynizzo October 24, 2005
A cigar
Man i bought a phat cuban stogie
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Definetely means cigar. If you refer to a cigarette as a stogie you might get slapped.

More specifically, it can refer to a cheap cigar. However, it has come to mean, plainly, CIGAR.
"HE SMOKED MY STOGIE??? (in Austrian accent)"

- Arnold S. in "6th Day"

by fatchef45 July 21, 2006
a cigar
"i buy a pound, break it down, and put it in a stogie"

-lil wayne
by king of maryland December 08, 2010
A type of cigar, with both ends cut, are cheaper to machine manufacture and so Stogies are often CHEAP. Also called a "Cheroot" from French: Cheroute taken from Tamil: curuttu/churuttu/shuruttu.

does NOT mean cigarette for all you idiots out there.

Mark Twain wouldn't smoke anything but. If it cost more than 5 cents a piece it must be foreign and not worth it.
Starbuck: A stogie would be nice.

Adama: I had feeling. It's my last one, so enjoy.

by Deingeist February 22, 2009
Someone who in any given scenario, takes more than they contribute/give
"My man is always asking for more blow j's yet he is never prepared to eat my sideways fish kebab. He's such a Stogie!"
by 4CG January 16, 2012
Stogie (or Stogy) can be used to refer to piglets.
aw look at the stogie! he's so cute.
by Marc289 February 29, 2008
a fat, juicy ass
damn, jenna has a stogie!
by jdog422 March 07, 2009