the act of eating pills and drinking way to much alcohol, then digging through someones togo stir fry in the fridge and eating it. then moving it all around so the owner of the stir fry can not tell that any way eaten, while being way to fucked up to remember any of it.
Big cat ate so many ambien and drank so much liquor that she did not remember stir frying last night.
by the poop noodler February 03, 2010
Top Definition
The act of making out without ever getting to the point of exchanging bodily fluids.
I had to break up with that biatch because she was all stir-fry no action!
by Eff Knutt February 16, 2005
An eastern food, usu. comprised of noodles, meat and vegetables.
Damn that was some good stir-fry!
by SterFry April 30, 2003
The act of taking two chopsticks and inserting them into a girl's vagina, and then moving them around as if to stir veggies on a wok.
Girl 1: Agh, my cooche still hurts from last night.

Girl 2: Why?

Girl 1: My boyfriend experimented stir fry on me last night.
by banjo007 May 13, 2010
an alternative way of saying "alright"
or what a drunk tramp used to say
shall we go out?
yeah thats cool
*random person "STIRFRY!!"
by joanna December 04, 2004
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