, a balled up piece of toilet paper inserted between the butt cheaks to prevent skid on the undies
jay and silent bob strike back (joint papers (zig-zags) are used in this case) apply the stink nugget to prevent skid.
by dm johnson October 01, 2006
the little lumps of underwear fuzz that form between your asscheeks.
Spreak my cheeks and see the stinknuggets, cop.
by Asshat Supreme May 11, 2003
pieces of smelly shit that comes from the ass.
Your stinknuggets are in my mouth. They taste wonderful.
by Jorge Manana/Chris Williams April 14, 2003
sweaty back side of my fucking sac, mutherfucker
I am gonna tea bag you with my "stink nuggets" faggot
by shitty August 03, 2003
The round peices of shit that can't quite fit out of your tiny little ass hole.
Mommy, Mommy, i can't get this shit out of my ass!
by Mic August 05, 2004

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