when someone rolls into a public restroom when your trying your best to shat while hovering, and the try to peek at you through the crack in the door.
I was in mid hover when that fag Josh strolled in and gave me the stink eye using the mirror.
by mountainfish January 20, 2009
Slang term for chocolate starfish
She pulled up her skirt and showed me her stink eye.
by Dan from Cali August 24, 2005
When a guy eats a girl out while she's in doggy position, and she shards in his eye.
My eye still stings from getting the stink eye while while eating my girlfriend out last night.
by ratchulence August 29, 2005
A gay-ass term used by surfer fags who think they are tough. Little do they realize that they are probably the biggest pussies known to man and hopefully more sharks start treating them like a ham sandwich. ....like that girl who got her arm bit off. lol
"heyyyyy bra!!! you stole my wave, mannnnn...thats not cool duuude. I'm gonna give him the stink eye...oh fuck...AHH A SHARK BIT MY LEG OFF AHHH AHHH!!!"
by Reggie and Ramone August 17, 2006

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