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Stink is the new Sick
It is another urbanification of a negitive term to mean cool Can be used as a noun as well, usually predicated by "the"
That's the stink baby.
That is so stink. That was stink.
How stink is that!
by Kirk B January 13, 2005
16 32
1) To smell bad.

2) To be bad.
1) This cabbage stinks.

2) This TV show stinks.
by Diggity Monkeez February 23, 2005
201 66
The anus of a male or female human being. Usually used in conjunction with sexual intercourse.
Gary gave her one in the stink.
by Tom December 19, 2004
226 98
The end of the anal canal of a male or female.
Leads to classic porn names such as "one in the pink, one in the stink" when describing double penetration.
by Jack Romania April 18, 2006
86 55
a fuss
Oh she has to make a big stink about everythin!!
by zinger February 25, 2003
54 43
The collective noun for a group of hippies. As in "a stink of hippies".
Person 1 - Hey man, what's that noise?
Person 2 - Oh, it's just a stink of hippies playing their bongos.


Quiz show host - What is a group of hippies called?
Winning contestant - A stink.
by abraspam July 25, 2010
29 19
Reallt bad at something. In other words: sucks
You stink at Math
by Sengung May 06, 2003
38 35
A name you give to a person that insistantly hangs around yet refuses to shower or wear shoes.
"I let Stinks ride in my VW this morning. I'll never get the smell out of the seats!"
by DeezUU January 11, 2008
16 16