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Word used in reference to the burning sensation felt in your ass after eating something spicy or drinking a lot.
guy 1: That food was soooooo spicy!
guy 2: Seriously! I'm gonna have wicked bad sting ring tomorrow!
by that one guy over there June 23, 2005
The end result of eating spicy food. The stinging sensation, or burning, you feel during a bowel movement
Man, I should have never ate all those red chile enchiladas, I've got sting ring from hell.
by The Mingster March 17, 2007
that intensly hot feeling on your bung hole while passing last nights spicy chow. Helpful hint; baby wipes exstinguish the fire! See close friend "Beersmears"
Clay: Damn that mexican food left its mark!
Linc: Ha ha ya no doubt I got some serious stingring!!
by Buck Primrose February 19, 2009
When you have eaten too much spicy food, and later when defecating your anus feels like it has been lit on fire.
"Damn, that habanero salsa gave me Sting Ring"
by Trinkles January 13, 2012
When you take a crap and you get a pain around your hole.
John "Damn that stingring lasted for hours."
by hrts February 03, 2007
Sting Ring as defined above is incredibly irritating and I suffered for years. The anal bacteria that cause it can be treated easily with Daktacort Cream which is available by prescription only (in the UK).
I think I must have worms cos I have terrible sting ring.
by Mike_N September 27, 2007
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