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I'm back—the original "Weave"—after a 24-month hiatus.
For all of you cerebrally challenged cretins out there, please refrain from posing as the "real deal" under my pseudonym. Y'all can go fuck yourselves!
Now, back to the word "Sting Ring."
Sting ring can be aptly defined as the itchy, stinging sensation experienced by your asshole after "dropping a deuce." This can be caused by a combination of salty perspiration and anal bacteria produced by the process of
defecation. The itching/burning sensation can become so intense that you have flirted with the idea of sticking a
spool of steel wool into your sphincter and act as if you're grating cheese to alleviate the indescribable itch, bitch!!
Man, oh man. I've got the worst case of sting ring right now. Can I use your wife's hairbrush while I retreat to the bathroom and grate a pound of Romano cheese?
by weavemeister September 08, 2005

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