1. Stage name of Gordon Sumner, a British musician, activist, actor and self-styled philanthropist. Prior to a solo career, he was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist of the rock group 'The Police'.

2. An injection of a poison via stinger by an animal or plant, such as a bee sting.

In both cases what you get is an irritating prick.
Sting flies round the world with an entourage of 235 people in two Jumbo Jets, in order to tell us how important it is to protect the environment.
by Shakespeare's Plumber February 10, 2010
Top Definition
a former wrestler for the WCW...and some retard at my school.
by signaling_suicide_failures March 10, 2004
1. Now a solo artist, he is the former leader of the band, The Police.

2. The greatest professional wrestler ever, never to sign with Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE.
Boy #1: I hate Sting

Boy #2: The singer or the wrestler?

Boy #1: The singer! I fuckin' love the wrestler Sting! I wish he'd sign with the WWE already!
by Jonesy718 March 07, 2010
1. /verb/ to sting someone; be stung by someone. Referring to an event and/or comment that leaves you feeling humiliated or embarrassed.

2. /noun/ A sting.
P1: "I got fired today"
P2: "Ooo sting"
by cuzmore December 18, 2010
A depressive old recording artist who once had critical acclaim, but is now a recluse who prefers his own bitter company.
If Kevin Bartlett was a pop star, he would be so 'sting'.
by eGrogan August 12, 2003
an egotistical wanker whose one claim to fame is being able to have sex for a ridiculous amount of time that would wear any normal person out entirely.
Sting is a complete taint
by jawsh April 07, 2004
used when talking about something that hurts, humiliating or sucks.
Guy 1: Her dad came in while we were doin it.

Guy 2: stings.

by D5 January 29, 2003
When you invite someone to an event/place, confirm that they are at said place then inform them you're not actually attending.
Joe "im at the bar where are you"
Nick "sting"
by Frankie987 February 19, 2015
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