A Streetboard is sometimes referred to as an
Bruv you gotta be buzzin to ride an S-ting
by Sammmit August 02, 2006
A style of farting done while walking where every step you fart. The name originates from the song by Sting and the Police "Every Breath You Take" and the "sting" of the odor soon to hit the nostrils.
While walking across campus, I had a 12 step sting.
by Michael G. Leonard November 20, 2006
One-time successful recording artist with a face like a squashed crab.
Sting found fame with the Police then as a solo artist.
Totally self-absorbed, his main interests have since been tribes, singing in his bare feet (?) and tantric sex.

A word of advice Sting: if that's what tantric sex does to your face, then celibacy is WAY OVERDUE. And sort your hair out n'all, it's weird...
by clairem May 12, 2007
1. Stage name of Gordon Sumner, a British musician, activist, actor and self-styled philanthropist. Prior to a solo career, he was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist of the rock group 'The Police'.

2. An injection of a poison via stinger by an animal or plant, such as a bee sting.

In both cases what you get is an irritating prick.
Sting flies round the world with an entourage of 235 people in two Jumbo Jets, in order to tell us how important it is to protect the environment.
by Shakespeare's Plumber February 10, 2010
One Kick Ass Son of Bitch
"Who's Sting?"

He's One kick ass son of a bitch.
by Reginald Vadveld October 22, 2003
A drug transaction that needs to be made or potentially needs to be made.
"Hurry up dude, I got three stings to make."

"Hold up. Lemme check my phone, I think I gotta sting."
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
Website owned by the police to find people doing illegal activities
Dont go to that "free child porn" website brotato. It's a sting
by Nikolai Kalashnikov April 24, 2010

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