For Stick In The Mud....A Person who is dull or boring, who does not want to participate with the group, a loner
Joe didn't want to go out with the rest of the group and chose to stay home alone, Joe's a S.T.I.M.
by Wanzer May 29, 2008
Top Definition
A common name or abbreviation of "stimulant", often used in some video game or science fiction. It sometimes also is referred to enhancing or rapid-healing drugs.
"Stim Pack" is a enhancing ability of marines in Starcraft.
Somebody is over-stimmed.
by Shivanna September 11, 2006
the verbal act of going on incessantly and superfluously about a specific topic or object.
my family couldn't stop stimming about football last night.

I didn't want us to stay long, but of course we had to stim.
by chocolatecroissant November 23, 2015
n: a female pedophile, especially one that keeps her victims in her basement
That stims kicked that little boy in the shin and made him wait for the punchline.
by smay November 22, 2003
a very expensive latvian whore
That sexy stims on the corner over there, she is sure to show you a damn good time.
by the latvian whore pimp December 10, 2003
verb - to get fucked up on ritalin, usually through insufflation

derivatives: stimmmed out, stims, stimnut

Yo man, you just railed three ditties!? What a STIMNUT!
by jizzety j0e May 06, 2003
The result when you combine Steve DeLouiz and Timmy Acree to get the goofiest chick you'll ever know; sings campfire songs with her mother while saying "tzzzzzzz" every chance she gets; Elle Corbett in a nutshell
"That's enough out of you Stim"
"Stim walks like a duck....and is one goofy fuck"
by Derek October 25, 2004
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