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My F---ing last name you A--HOLES!!!! F--- all of you, you racist bastards......
teacher taking role:
Stigger- Whats hood lol ;D
by stigg May 23, 2011
a combination of a sticker and a nigger. A stigger is a nigger that sticks. A stigger is typically a man who knocked up some black lady and after she has the baby, sticks around to help raise the child, more or less. A real and genuine stigger doesn’t just hump n’ dump.
For example:
“Hey did you hear about Jamal that didn’t bail after him and Ebony had their baby Trey Shaun?”

“Yeah, damn. Jamal is quite the stigger”
by Evangeline Ingle July 06, 2013
A right clampit. A stigger feels comfortable wearing the same pants for eight days straight, even though he originally found them in a bin.
F*ckin' hell, that Andrew is a right stigger, his house smells of cats.
by Matthew Robert Edwards November 29, 2007
A very common term fusing the word "N*gger" and Stupid to make Stigger.
"Yo tristan you stigger, get the fuck out of here"
by The Emperor of Africa April 03, 2009
A black man, woman or child that stiffs (refuses to tip) a delivery driver for pizza, fried chicken etc.
Billy Bob-" Hey man, how'd them three runs go lster?"

Lester- "I had three stiggers in a row!"

Billy Bob- "That sucks cuz, maybe we should just go back to Apartied!"
by Dragon of Wessex August 22, 2010
A foul smelling individual. Combination of "stinky" and "nigger".
Speaker 1: Fuck that stinking piece of European rat shit.
Speaker 2: Yes, he is a true stigger.
by wordsmith666 July 18, 2008

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