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Founded and innovated by Tommy Page, the phrase STGU was used as a way to combat people who used the word STFU as it got to be too annoying for anyone to give a shit about. STGU (Shut the Gay up) was born, which means "stop acting gay" or "stop with the gay shit". In nerima, being gay is a very -negative- thing--it's like being retarded.
Sometimes I wish that kid would stgu.
by Yuu Kaiba March 25, 2003
Shut the gay up.
Son_Raiku: my character is the most powerful in all of the world. and i smell like ass.
Naoki_Kageru: WTF? STGU! Peon.
Son_Raiku: everyone hates me. :(
by Flagpole March 28, 2004
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