shut the fuck down
like when your pc wont shut down the normal way, you say this before you turn the power off
*blue sceen*
*blue screen*
*blue screen*
*blue screen*
*blue screen*
Shut The Fuck Down
(turns power off)
by ][D ][ ][\/][ ][D ][ ][\][ March 23, 2004
Top Definition
Sit the fuck down.
Gordron Fryman: I eat baananans.
by sniper112 March 19, 2003
person A: "something stupid"
person B: wow, stfd.
by ahhguesswho May 02, 2011
Sit The F*ck Down, a taunt used in Weight Watchers Fitbit or other fitness device challenges. The person using this expression would prefer the other challenger(s) to stop increasing their step count or calories burn.
I've just been overtaken! You need to STFD because I need to win!
by 'Duke' February 06, 2015
Sit the Fuck Down

Used when someone just says something obnoxious and you need to put them in their place
Keenan: Aww man, my parents aren't getting me a Mustang for my 16th birthday. This is so unfair.

Damien: Dude, STFD. stop being a douche.
by Dontbeadick May 25, 2011
SLOW the fuck down!
You're doing WHAT and texting? STFD!
by MagneticPortal June 19, 2014
Shut the front door.
quatre - I just owned you Kebo
Kebo - stfd :*(
by whote April 04, 2004
Shut the front door ( replacement for stfu- shut the fuck up or shut your mouth)
stfd, don't want him to hear us!
by leeleebooski August 08, 2010

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