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no one, i mean no one can ever play with the same passion SRV used to play with, no one tears in a song the way he used to, no one has such technique in playing. he was just coming from someplace else, and now, he's an angel watching over the world and playing in heaven.
usually i never cry, but i tell you gents, that 27 august 1990 night, i sat on the corner of my bed and cried just like a little baby
by maZe June 02, 2004
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"the MAN"
He is one of the greatest guitar players in the world, with his god like effects. He Loved jimi hendrix's music, which inspired him to play "little wing" as a tribute to the late jimi hendrix.
One of Srv's most noticeable things is his guitar "which plates his name "srv" on the pick guard.
Sadly, srv died on a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 4 people
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
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An Angel sent down from Heaven to fill people's souls with the beauty of blues. An extraordinary human being that fulfilled his purpose here in a short, short time, and now watches over us from above.
I'll never understand why God took our Stevie Ray Vaughan away so soon.

We needed him more than you! Why?
by mongrelcat August 16, 2009
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Possibly the best blues guitar player ever, On a par with Jimi Hendrix.

He tragically died in a helicopter crash in 1990 after a jam with eric clapton.
why can no-one play guitar like stevie ray vaughan anymore?
by mark higgins May 05, 2004
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One of the greatest guitar players ever to have lived. Also, one of the most beautiful and unselfish people ever to have lived. If everyone were like he was, there would be no war or hatred in the world.
SRV could play some uber tyte licks on that guit box.
by Dave November 13, 2003
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