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Stereotip (NOUN): a sterotype or generalization implying that members of certain ethnic or racial groups tip poorly when dining at restaurants.

Stereotip (VERB): to engage in the creation, verbalization, or propagation of any stereotip.
Waiter: African-American customers lack generosity...they never tip more than twelve percent!
Waitress: False...that's just a racist stereotip.

Waiter: Mr. Goldberg...I'm rather surprised that you left me such a generous gratuity.
Customer: Surprised? Stop stereotipping, you gentile jerk!
by jsphwhitaker May 26, 2011
1. the assumption that a member of a specific group of people will add gratuity on their restaurant bill according to the perceived norms of that group.
2. the act of adding gratuity in accordance with one's own perceived group norms.
Ooh, I have gays on my table. They are going to sterotip me well!

I just got stereotipped by that black family.
by Duncan Angelfire July 30, 2013
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