A marijuana high generally induced by gratuitously large amounts of weed that changes an individual's perception of the world or signifies a new beginning in that person's life. Can also simply create an extremely memorable experience or revelation.
Dylan: Hey Payton, where have you been?
Payton: Dude I'm on my tenth blunt, i think this is a stepping stone!
by Capital D May 25, 2009
Top Definition
a means to an end, or an opportunity that can lead to "bigger and better" things
"she told me that even though she loves the company she works at, she hates the job she's at, but it's a stepping stone for something more lucrative."
by Polo March 26, 2007
1. A guy that helps her get over the last one she was so invested in, but he's not one who she intends to settle down with. see also: rebound guy slump buster

2. Any person or thing who is used as a means to "get where you're going."
1. "What's up with that guy you're dating?"

"We're not really 'dating' but we kinda have an arrangement. He's a stepping stone. Sure can eat some pussy though, damn girl!"

2. I don't mind being her stepping stone. I'm glad somebody's getting some use out of me. #foreverAlone
by Deep Pity November 14, 2013
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