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cheating, adultery, general infidelity.
"Girl, don't get loud about this, but I'm stepping out on my man this weekend with that hottie I met at the club."
by mitzibel September 26, 2003
cheating, adultry
josh- we know about you stepping out on our sister
drake- stepping out?
josh- i know terms
by pseudonym125873 January 03, 2009
Putting on your best attire, to go out to a specific event for example party at a club, birthday dinner, concert, etc.

Hair done, nails, new outfit to go out in.
Me and my girls are stepping out for Jason's birthday party tonight.
by OhwelliitsVelle July 27, 2011
Engage in casual romantic activities - dating, seeing, doing a line. Chiefly Irish.
"I've been stepping out this week with a girl from work".

"He was stepping out with her for a while, but he started seeing someone else then".
by BrianMcA May 06, 2011
to exit ones place of residence
i am stepping out to get me a 40 and some pizza
by Karupt September 26, 2003