Stephanies are amazing, they make great best friends that you become very close too. They are a little shy in the beginning but otherwise is the most loud person you'll ever meet. Mostly found paired with Mariah for a bestie. They love horses and energy drinks. They're pretty as fuck and skinny too. They can be smart one minute then the next be completly retarded. Usually blonde,and very protective of their belongings. They also love chinesse food:)
For you stephanie:)
by mariaheve December 23, 2011
Stephanie is a very nice, calm and happy person, when they get down it is not long before they get up again, their smile is unique and they have gorgeous eyes. if you have a Stephanie in your life then you are one lucky camper. she is the prettiest and nicest girl you will ever meet.
WOW!!!!! You got yourself a Stephanie
by jw10 October 24, 2015
A very sweet girl who likes to show her affection for you by doing totally random and funny acts of endearment.
For example: throwing an abundance of candy down someone's boxer briefs

John - dude you'll never guess what happened to me the other day

Ricky - What happens holmes?

John - My girlfriend threw a bunch of candy down my boxers and they got all stuck to my junk. I was totally taken by surprise. The next day my ball sac had all the colors of the rainbow on it.

Ricky - Holy shit bro....she must really like you! That's true love right there. I wish my girlfriend would Stephanie meeee!
by Clematis Ramona January 16, 2014
Pronounced 'steph-a-nee' and means 'Crowned in victory'. She is the nicest girl you will ever meet with the most amazing Canadian accent. She lightens any room and is an addition to any family she spends time with.
Stephanie and Millie have an epic womance!
by Sarcastic girl July 29, 2014
A girl who owns a Red Jewel Tint 2010 Camaro SS that keeps getting rear ended.
You totally pulled a Stephanie.
by v6sonoma July 22, 2011
Stephanie is a very intelligent girl and when it comes to guys she falls in love with a guy with the letter J or A. Mostly J because they are good at kissing and everything else
Stephanie rocks
by Americasdictionary December 15, 2015
a woman that banged my father while he was with my mom. An annoying woman with annoying kids. Childish.
man, she is such a Stephanie !
by druup ded April 09, 2016

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