Stephanies are amazing, they make great best friends that you become very close too. They are a little shy in the beginning but otherwise is the most loud person you'll ever meet. Mostly found paired with Mariah for a bestie. They love horses and energy drinks. They're pretty as fuck and skinny too. They can be smart one minute then the next be completly retarded. Usually blonde,and very protective of their belongings. They also love chinesse food:)
For you stephanie:)
by mariaheve December 23, 2011
Pronounced 'steph-a-nee' and means 'Crowned in victory'. She is the nicest girl you will ever meet with the most amazing Canadian accent. She lightens any room and is an addition to any family she spends time with.
Stephanie and Millie have an epic womance!
by Sarcastic girl July 29, 2014
Noun. A really drunk girl. Although seemingly sweet she's always Violent and super bat shit nutty. Usually blond with a really loud obnoxious laugh that pretends to like sports and hates on teams even though she doesn't know anything and totally loves the D!
Did you see that Stephanie spill mike Ds wine and totally not apologize and then hit Vinny in the face with a Pom Pom? Yeah what a Stephanie moVe.
by Deano martini October 12, 2014
A girl that works at a local fast food restaurant and has good and bad days. She goes for the significantly older men. She has very small ears and a big booty. She loves a good conversation.
Lisa: "Hey you hear Stephanie?"
John: "How can't you?"
by sk8ergurl March 12, 2012
A terrible person who is self absorbed and never wrong.
please don't pull a stephanie
by bigbuddingy May 01, 2014
An annoying, unfunny, animal obsessed, moocher. This person may also think they can do impressions.
Stephanie- " son of a bitch"... "That's my peter griffon impression.
by Hatertgdbufbyd April 12, 2014
The best mother in the whole entire universe, don't mention shes beautiful and is loving and caring when shes sober...i love her
omg Stephanie you didn't have to do that i love you
by lalachicken July 30, 2011

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