STEPDAD: the MAN who changed your shitty arse, cleaned up your sick, put a roof over your head, took you to school, bought you new gear and read you bedtime stories while your real dad was out living his batchelor life...
Those are nice trainers...

Thanks, my step dad bought me them

Wheres your real dad?

Out wasting money...
by CMPR June 04, 2011
Okay, A step dad or step father is someone who is a asshole or jerkoff they think once they move in after the real dad is gone, they have all the say so around the house. They make you do pathetic chores around the house they claim to own. They often yell and cut you down or cut your real father down so they look better. Personally, I think they suck and need to get they're head kicked in.
billy: "you suck so dad is so much better then you"

step dad bill: "billy, go mow the lawn and when you finish that, you need to chop wood for the stove! i call the shots around here buster!"

billy: "yeah yeah..fuck you"
by motelrooms July 27, 2006
A stupid man with no self esteem who takes it all out on me... he has affairs swears and screams, verbally and physcially abuses everyone, has my mom on an allowance even though he personally has over a million dollars in his daddys always my 'dad' when it comes to grounding or physically abusing, but totally steps out when it's time for driving or any other thing that would require anything on his part. Enjoys stirring people up, as in turning off my TV and breaking off my door so I don't have one anymore and he can look in while I am changing. Has lots of affairs and doesn't see anything wrong with this. Unenrolled me at my school when I made honor roll and told everyone it was because I failed out. Pretentious asshole.
don't call that motherfucker my dad, he's my step dad.
by hi there my name is susan June 02, 2007
Some jackass who cares about 1 person, himself. He decides that once your real dad is gone, he is in control. He decides to call your real mom "honey" and "baby" and other crap like that. They decide to make do all of this crap for no reason.
Me: "I'm so happy I live in Connecticut"
My New Friend, Bob: "Why?"
Me: "No more step dad!"
by The Guy on Main St October 01, 2007
A man that is married to your mother. A wall may have more personality than he. Does nothing to bring you up but everything to make you feel like crap. He thinks you listen to him, when in reality you couldn't give a care what he is saying. His words are of no value, however, he would beg to differ. He thinks he is the most helpful, amazing, sexiest man alive when we all know he's nothing but a porch swinging liquor pig. Your mother does not even like him and he may just so happen to be a mantinence man at your school. Do not feel bad when you have the erge to throw something at him, smack him, kill him, or not listen to him. There are many other people out there like you!
YEs, that is my step dad.
by rewrew August 12, 2009
A man who has married your divorced mother and is not, necessarily, a bad person.

Please do not say that the very definition of being a step dad is being an asshole, just because yours it.
This is just stupid
Person- i love my step dad
Other- WHY?! he's a step dad, there's no such thing as a good step dad!! mine is a drunken ass hole
Person- Your step dad and mine are different people
by Vexets April 23, 2007
Total jerk-off who sits on his ass all day drinking. He will act like your real father and try and cut you down like a big prick. If you have the urge to go kill him, I wouldnt hesitate a second
Person1: My step dad is a total asshole.

Person1's friend: Yeah, fuck him.
by -094752-954372-572043945483 August 13, 2009

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