(1) n: One who is perpetually ensconced in a miasma of foul odors. One who generally smells bad, but in a different way: one day it's stale farts and day-old food, and the next it's B.O. and gasoline etc.
(2) n: A political and moral drama-queen: one who makes a big stink about any political or moral situation/problem/story in order to appear informed, opinionated, and controversial.

Stenchsmithing: More than spinning a story--A cynical and reactionary treatment of a topic, story or event with the goal of deriding the subject and instilling fear or hatred in the stenchsmith's audience.
Yesterday, Gerry, the office stenchsmith arrived smelling of garbage, wet cardboard, and moldy shower-curtains; today, he smells of gasoline and soured milk.

Fox News' preoccupation with Benghazi is nothing but political stenchsmithing.

Matt Drudge, stenchsmith extraordinaire, can make Mother Theresa look like a thieving opportunist.
by Simeon Hopper February 03, 2014

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