Top Definition
a vagina in need of a wash
i made the mistake of falling in her stench trench
by harry lingard March 28, 2003
Unwashed, smelly vagina
I went down for a chew but her stench trench was a real minger
by RockMink November 09, 2004
A slightly wiffy 'Kipper Canyon' qv
She'd just got back from Yoga and had a bit of a Stench Trench, it was like sucking on a lead acid battery
by Simon C June 18, 2004
A particularly foul smelly example of the female genitalia.
Tom likes to slobber over Mrs Roper's stenchtrench
by Haha March 17, 2003
1) the anus/the dirt-box

"New" meaning possibly introduced by Bizarre magazine, who used it this way whilst stating that their magazine was anal-sex-obssessed

2) the vagina
1) "anal - dedicated to the stench trench"
2) "don't ever eat out a whore's stench trench!"
by su france 2 July 16, 2011
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