Head with a twist.
by Kizzle September 04, 2003
Top Definition
Function: noun
Date: 1875
1 : a stem-winding watch
2 from the superiority of the stem-winding watch over the older key-wound watch : one that is first-rate of its kind; especially : a stirring speech
I dont have to worry about losing my watch key because my stem winder has one built in.
by John Y September 19, 2003
When a woman is giving a deepthroat blowjob and winds her tongue around the shaft of your penis.
Julie gave me a bitchin' stemwinder the other noght
by Jason Freeman September 16, 2003
archaic slang for cack
you like to eat the stemwinder, boy?
by johnnymcjohnjohn September 14, 2003

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