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Student Emo.

A student that listens to emo music and likes to cut himself.
Alex got upset when he failed his exams, now he likes to cut himself. He's such a stemo
by fz498 August 16, 2010
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A cross between the words stupid and emo, therefore making it Stemo.
"God, you're such a stemo!"
by Jordy, Sara and Gid (The Stemo) December 28, 2005
A somewhat common cross between emo and stoner. For example if some dude was stemo they would use pot to get over there angst and depression as well as the crying, music, and cutting
Stemo kid- dude i just lost my girlfriend i think im gonna get high

Other stemo Kid- Ahhh that sucks. ill get high with you
by The Skate dude November 06, 2006

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