a steiny is a dick with balls the size of tennis balls. There is no immediate cure for steiny but we are workin on one. If you do have steiny, fk as many girls as u can because the chicks dig it.
IM sorry Mary, your child has steiny.
by colt^ inspired by stan el capitan September 30, 2003
To get raped up the ass, most likely by the boss himself, George Steinbrenner. All Yankees must get Steinied to be put on the roster.
Derek Jeter likes to have George come Steiny him before every game.
by K. Mhettos October 12, 2004
An incredible tool of a person; a douchebag. One who is not funny in any way and resorts to making fun in order to cover up their lack of self-confidence.
Person A: Wow that guy is not cool.
Person B: Ya hes a straight up fool.
Person C: I know, what a Steiny.
by G-Dawgy G-Dawgy G October 28, 2008
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