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A variation of the word "stache", used to define a incredibly nice mustache.

(pl) - Steeshes
I was eating some cookies the other day and got some crumbs caught in my steesh.

(PL) - You know you are watching a good 80's porn by the quality of the steeshes.
by Steesh Creator January 25, 2008
A thick, fluffy mustache
Burt Reynolds has a wicked steesh.
by Chris Bohn December 03, 2007
a boy who is usually well known for being a bit of a whore, has a reputation for his love for girls. but when he finds one girl who he loves. he can change!

usually is very funny and happy, don't want to get him would up though or he may just blow!

also a cheer 'STEEEESH!'
who's that, he looks angry

oh, that's just steesh
by annitxo May 22, 2012
Just another word for plain old cocaine.
Hey Ray Ray let's got get some steesh and bang up them rails.
by The Asssman April 12, 2008
Scottish word meaning something amazing class shit hot

Joe " Like ma new motor"
Pete "its a Steesh mate"
by fuknmurph April 14, 2009
A fine looking woman. A smokin hot chick. Other forms include "steesha" and "Steeeeesh"
A gorgeous woman walks by and you say, Steesh!
by Eric Korn August 19, 2007

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